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      1. 地区


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        A. handsome

        B. candle

        C. distance

        D. land

        2. A. meat

        B. ready

        C. heat

        D. seat


        A. bottom

        B. colour

        C. Monday

        D. ton


        A. billion

        B. lab

        C. table

        D. comb


        A. tooth

        B. month

        C. father



        6. Johnson will phone his mother as soon as he in Kunming.

        A. arrived

        B. arrives

        C. will arrive

        D. is arriving

        7. The young policeman asked her name was.

        A. when

        B. who

        C. why

        D. what

        8. This song is very with young people.

        A. pleasant

        B. popular

        C. favourite

        D. beautiful

        9. The family at a small hotel for the night.

        A. put up

        B. went up

        C. got up

        D. jumped up

        10. "We can't go out in this weather, "said Bob, out of the window.

        A. to have looked

        B. looked

        C. looking

        D. to look

        11. --Let' s go to the concert tonight, Mary.

        --Sorry, I . I have to help my morn with the housework.

        A. needn' t

        B. can' t

        C. mustn' t

        D. shouldn' t

        12. I chose this coat in the end because ones were all too expensive.

        A. the others

        B. another

        C. others

        D. the other

        13. We got to the cinema late the heavy traffic.

        A. because of

        B. instead of

        C. according to

        D. except for

        14. David has decided football at the end of this season.

        A. give up

        B. giving up

        C. to give up

        D. having given up

        15. Clearly, object of the game is to improve children' s math skills.

        A. 不填; the

        B. an ; the

        C. 不填; 不填

        D. the ; 不填

        16. arriving home she found her old friend already there.

        A. On

        B. For

        C. By

        D. With

        17. He says he has the T-shirt, I' ve never seen him wear it.

        A. after

        B. since

        C. although

        D. if

        18. When Anna the room, a group of young men were talking eagerly round the table.

        A. enters

        B. has entered

        C. was entering

        D. entered

        19. --Do you mind if I open the window?

        A. Yes, please

        B. No, go ahead

        C. No, please don' t

        D. Yes,you' d better do

        20. A museum in the city centre next year.

        A. will be built

        B. will build

        C. was built

        D. built